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The "5G" unstoppable technology

Many people are wondering if the new “5G” system could lead to long term damage: the answer is yes, it is very likely. There is practical proof and scientific papers that sustain this, some of them we have already mentioned in the Home Page and others are below, but a lot of people believe that the technological progress must go on. It is fundamental to start doing something as telecommunication technology is now unstoppable.

What is the "5G" telecommunication technology?

In the cell phone scene, the “5G” (which stands for “fifth generation”) indicates all the technology and protocols that allow better performance and higher speeds than the “4G/IMT” systems.

This new network generation increases the data download speed to propel us towards the world of the “internet of things”, the possibility for multiple items including appliances will be connected to the network and will make everyday life easier.

protezione dai campi elettromagnetici in onda radio 5G

The non existing precaution principle

This progress should take into account the electromagnetic effects that broadcasting aerials release into the environment, outside and inside, that will affect the human body.

Mentioning the words of the famous oncologist Lorenzo Tomatis, who led the prestigious International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) between 1982 and 1993, with its headquarters in Lyon, France, «it is necessary to apply the precaution principle making people aware of the possible risks for the health and avoiding to turn the whole human population into guinea pigs on which to experiments anything that is invented to keep up with the technological progress».

5G protecting Kit made by Edil Natura

Can you absorb the 5G electromagnetic emission while significantly reducing its consequences? Yes, you can. Today you can do it thanks to the availability of our total protection kit from 5G to screen yourself from high and very high frequencies of “5G” emissions. This product is called «5G PROTECTIVE KIT»! This is an extra level of protection compared to our other products from the GEOPROTEX® brand, the SKUDO® brand and their products.

This kit is also recommended to protect yourself from other electromagnetic sources and it is made up of a mixture of products to be used on different body parts. It can also significantly reduce the effects from other different electromagnetic fields.

“Using the «5G PROTECTING KIT» means protecting yourself from the potentially damaging effects of high and very high frequencies. Some of these effects may be seen straight away, as shown by the may tests and by a scientific paper published in 2017. The subject of this study was such that emissions inhibit a protein called calcineurin, responsible for the production of «T lymphocytes », which could lead to the lowering of the immune defense system response when the human body is exposed to such radiation”.

5G and cell phones–Interview with Professor Limardo-Telecolor 16 June 2019

Could the emission of micro waves like “5G” have dangerous effects on the human body?

There have been many experiments on the effects of radio waves on human beings. Many scientific papers were also published around this subject, among them the ones recently appeared on the prestigious scientific magazine, PubMed: two by the Ramazzini Institute of Bologna (rats exposed to WI-FI and the relationship between phone aerials and cancer), and another one by the Research Doctors Doyon and Johansson in 2017 (the evolution of the “calcineurin” protein when exposed to high frequency electromagnetic fields).

With regards to this last paper, published in 2017, it must be mentioned that the “calcineurin” is fundamental to human life as it is responsible for the production of T lymphocytes. High frequency electromagnetic emissions such as 5G (among others) compromise the production of the calcineurin in the radiated body lowering its immune system and exposing it to grater health risks.

Dr Nicola Limardo’s talk at “Regione Lombardia” 4 Octobre 2019

Proving studies and research

In the past, in 1972, the American Navy published a paper on the link between micro waves and more than 122 disturbing effects.

In the paper, Dr Zorach Glaser, from the American Navy presented the results of a huge research of over 2200 cases linking the weak signals to cordless networks (micro waves radiation) to 122 biological effects that led to health issues associated with micro waves and radio frequencies. (Click here to download the document)

Changes of the Autonomous Nervous System

Among the 122 dangerous effects identified, two were verified by members (including doctors) of Professor Limardo’s research team during the events organized in Italian theaters, halls and conference centers hosted by public organizations.

The two effects mentioned in the American study are the following:

“Vagomimetic action of the Hearth; Sympaticomimetic Action”, “Stimulation of Parasympathetic Nervous System (Bradycardia), and Inhibition of the Sympathetic Nervous System” and, specifically, the changes in the Autonomous Nervous System (from a “sympaticotonic” status to a “vagotonic” status).

At this point it is necessary to give you some background information: according to medical science, it is important for the human body to be in a balanced state during the 24-hour day, mainly “sympathetic” (active/reactive) state while at night mainly “vagotonic” state (relax).

Once again according to medical science, an “abiding vagotonic state” will cause serious imbalances to your body in the long run, just like an “abiding sympathetic state” (check out the abstract about underground gamma radiation, its damaging effects and the effective solutions offered on this website).

Simulating the 5G broadcasting effects

The “constriction of the pupil” is another immediate effect when simulating the 5G transmission by simply turning on a frequency generator to produce fog affected waves, released in the environment, just like what happens when the micro-cells of a 5G broadcasting system are turned on. Such status of the eye pupil is typical during the “vagotonic” (relaxed) phase, at rest.

But this is not a positive status during the active phase, as shown by Professor Claudio Molinari, Professor and physiologist of the Eastern University of Piemonte, Novara (shown in the video here under from the 17th minute).

Constriction of the pupil and alteration of the Autonomous Nervous System

Performing this test causes the natural immediate constriction of the pupil, as well as the alteration of the autonomous nervous system, that changes from the “sympathetic” to the “vagotonic” state.

This was proved more than once by Professor Limardo and Professor Molinari, as well as by many medical operators, in front of a great audience at event, conferences and Public Administration Organisms.

Vertigo, hormonal balance disturbances, depression, lowering of the immune system response, bronchial asthma, low blood pressure, tendency to faint, stomach ulcer, intestinal issues, bladder diseases

The World Health Organization has been aware of the danger of this issue for decades.

These disturbance effects still happen when using much lower frequencies compared to the usual 4G systems, as the stimulation of the body and the consequent problems are caused by the “fog” effect, that is the full cover of the environment using lots of micro cells to optimize the signal coverage everywhere.

The truth is that the World Health Organization has been aware of the danger of frequencies and micro waves radiation, to the extent that in 1974 they published the paper by the American Navy written two years before.

“BIOLOGIC EFFECT AND HEALTH HAZARDS OF MICROWAVE RADIATION – WHO – International Symposium Research Agreement N° 05-609-04 – 1974”.(click here to download the document).

Thoughts about the identified issue

Even though the many comparative tests, we haven’t raised any concerns with the bodies involved to guarantee the territory safety.

In June 2019, right after the event promoted by Professor Limardo at the Coccia Theatre in Novara, the city Consumers’ Association requested an audit at the Commission of the Chamber of Deputies that takes care of telecommunications to try a live demonstration of the negative effects caused by the 5G network.

A reckless silence

Unfortunately, the Consumers’ Association has never received any replies nor was ever invited to the Commission. What is the reason behind this? This silence heavily weighs on the consciousness of who refused to admit the issue! But certainly, time will tell and we shall just wait…

The solution

How can we significantly reduce or delete the disturbing effects of micro waves on the human body?

THE OPTIMAL SOLUTION: (no longer available)

The best solution which would have been free for the final user and the City Councils with the 5G network would have been to impose to the network micro-cells manufacturers to use our Skudo® nanoprocessor.

This has all the scientific requirements to make 5G emission suitable for the human body when the nanoprocessor is applied on the network micro cells. This was demonstrated to the public in the events mentioned.

Its efficiency in making the electromagnetic emission suitable for the human body, without changing the quality of the service, was already tested on WI-FI systems and became the subject of an international scientific paper.

The city mayor is responsible for the citizens’ health

During the events, The attending City Council Mayors were advised to address a very wise and obvious request to the network manufacturers and providers, to produce a signed statement by their CEO’s, to confirm explicitly that “the 5G emissions are safe for the citizens’ health” and while waiting for their reply, the mayor would have put the dossiers to authorize 5G system to be installed in his City Council on hold.

Such a request would have been legitimate as the mayor is responsible for his citizens’ health, this responsibility is greater than any other State Institutions unless the State itself would legally substitute the network manufacturer/provider and guarantee “the emissions to be safe for people’s health”.

If the Mayors had been on board

If the mayor had been on board, he could have suggested to use our nanoprocessor that would have reduced the risks, while avoiding to disrupt a service considered by many “important technological progress”.

The manufacturing company could have guaranteed, with the support of certifications and tests performed through many years, that those emissions would have been safe for the people’s health if each cell on the territory could have been equipped with the Skudo® nanoprocessor.

From a suggestion to attacks and threats

This “suggestion” has provoked much worry among the phone providers, especially because no manufacturer, no body, no politician (who supported the 5G system) has ever made any statement to guarantee for the safety of the citizens’ health!

All this has led to nameless phone threats and other cyber-attacks against Dr Limardo (Edil Natura srl CEO), the same person that had come up with an effective solution to not give up on the 5G technology and make it safe for the human body.

Dr Limardo decided to stop advising the public administrations after an attack in April 2020. None of the mayors had decided to follow his advice.

What happened to the mayors that decided not to go forward with installing the 5G technology?

Only a few of the Mayors that were against the installation of the 5G aerials within their territory have actually denied to authorize the work necessary for such broadcasting systems risking to then having to pay out damages to the phone operators (the TAR courts have found such refusals “attackable”).

What can we do now?

Today many of the mayors against “5G” have been forced by the TAR Court to pay compensation to the phone operators. Dr. Limardo had warned the mayors of such risks during his speeches suggesting to go down the protection road, much less risky. (But they didn’t listen to him!).

This solution nowadays is no longer available as it is no longer possible to insert the Skudo® nanoprocessor on already installed systems, this because of technical reasons as it needed to be applied by the manufacturer on the micro-cells at an early production stage, but also because this cannot happen without an agreement between the company that produces the micro-cells and the Skudo® nanoprocessor manufacturer.

The protective “5G Kit” is the only possible solution to enable people to be exposed to 5G electromagnetic emissions reducing significantly the negative effect. Skudo® Cream, Skudo® Plaster Dots, Skudo Card®

Crema Skudo® Cerotti Skudo® Scudo Card®


How do I use the 5G KIT to protect myself from electromagnetic fields? Applying Scudo Card, Skudo Plaster Dots and Skudo Cream to specific body parts according to the KIT technical leaflet.

How does the KIT work against electromagnetic fields? It protects body micro-areas (acupuncture points) from artificial electromagnetic fields, to optimize the person’s balance through the energy meridian channels according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

How long do the KIT products protect from electromagnetic fields? The Skudo Cream effects last for about six hours, the Skudo Plaster Dots last for twelve/fourteen hours and the Scudo Card lasts two years.

Has the time range of efficiency of KIT products been scientifically tested for the protection of electromagnetic fields? Yes, it has! There are a number of certificates and test results that can be downloaded from the websites and together with scientific papers, university essays that confirm how unique the KIT products are to prevent disturbances caused by artificial electromagnetic fields. The treatment that the products undergo has also been certified by European Patent.

I need to do an MRI scan, can it be performed while wearing one or more products from the protection KIT? No, it cannot as the intensity of emissions could damage the products. It is advisable to put them on straight after the exam. Similarly in case of a PET exam or radiotherapy.

Can anyone use the protection KIT products or are there any side effects? There are no side effects as the products contained in the KIT don’t release any emissions and are not considered medical grade devices.

Are the protective KIT products all made in Italy? Yes they are. All the products are made in Italy.

Can radio frequency equipment used by beauty parlors help absorption of creams and lotions creating any issues to the person treated? Can Bioresonance treatments release electromagnetic emissions? Such equipment release electromagnetic fields, therefore should be used accordingly to the instructions especially with regards to the minimum age of the person undergoing the treatment and his/her general state of health (not advised for pregnant women, pace maker carriers, people with heart related issues,…).

The instructions should also identify the professional operator to use the equipment (doctor, physiotherapist, beautician,…), define times of use and other information to protect the customer’s and operator’s health. The operator is very much exposed to electromagnetic fields produced by the equipment while holding handles and other accessories.

We advise the operator to use the electromagnetic field personal protective KIT to reduce the damaging effects from radio waves, increasing his/her immune system defenses, as the operator will be exposed to such emissions for many hours a day at work, while the patient is only exposed occasionally.


As regards the certifications on the kit, please refer to the individual certifications / certifications of the components that make up the kit.

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