Can natural radiation cause mistakes in posturo-stabilometric measurements?

Natural radiation causes mistakes in posturo-stabilometric measurements. i

Arturo Carducci, a young researcher from the Marche region in Italy, while attending the Posturometry Technician professional training course at the University “Jean Monnet” in Brussels, wrote a comprehensive essay titled “Mistakes when measuring and assessing posturo-stabilometric parameters of environmental origin”. (click here to check it out)

Studying the results of posturo-metric assessments of one hundred patients, Carducci highlighted how, if the patient was positioned on a gamma type naturally radioactive micro-area, the equipment would detect a diagnostic fault.

As stated in his essay conclusions, natural radiation causes evident effects, “it makes a certain postural situation look pathological when the same would be considered normal if it was assessed away from a radiation source.”

The solution is the screening of medical devices!

During the tests, the GEOPROTEX® radioprotection system proved its efficiency: if applied under the area of the medical device, it allows it to produce correct results even in the presence of a radioactive micro-area.

It would be good if the medical devices manufacturers provided the medical operator with all the necessary equipment to avoid diagnostic faults not caused by the device itself nor by the operator but related to the patient’s location.

Following these findings, some medical device manufacturing companies offer a radiation screening device to position underneath the patient to avoid major mistakes in the diagnosis.

Hence the question:
what happens if a person spends most time on a specific radioactive area?…

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