For the past 20 years we have been protecting people from artificial electromagnetic fields and from ionizing Earth radiation simultaneously

Edil Natura srl is the only company in Italy that carries out research while developing and distributing innovative solutions to protect the people from artificial electromagnetic pollution and natural earth radiation: ionizing gamma polarized radiation.


Geoprotex® is a registered commercial brand by EDIL NATURA Srl. The company was founded by Dr. Nicola Limardo in 2001 in Novara. At the beginning the company specialized in the building sector, using bio materials for public and private projects. Later it expanded its activity to the environment protection from artificial electromagnetic fields and ionizing gamma radiations that originate underground.

The next stage marks the entrance for EDIL NATURA Srl into the electronic sector, developing items to protect people from the negative effects of electromagnetic devices, that then led to a comprehensive protection system for personal and broader uses. The two trademarks that identify our products are Geoprotex® and Skudo®.

The dual branding avoids any confusion for the customer. The Geoprotex® products protect from electromagnetic fields and ground radiation, the Skudo® products protect from the negative effects of radio waves and electromagnetic fields originating from electronic devices.

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What we do

In order to create the EDIL NATURA Srl products, Dr. Nicola Limardo can count on a research team made up of expert scientists that specialize in physics, engineering, architecture, chemistry and IT, sided by medical professionals.

Our products have been issued a European Certified Patent on the 6 April 2016 n° 2073611. As most products are treated using a plasma particles accelerator (except for the Skudo nano processors which are manufactured in the “clean room”), there are several certificates that have been issued by doctors and universities among the most prominent in the scientific domain worldwide. Currently there are no products on the market with functions and results similar to ours.

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Mission Edil Natura: Stile di Vita

Nicola Limardo premio alla carriera 2008

Smau Milano ottobre 2017

Environment pollution has become a real issue!

According to the best scientific information sources, environment pollution highly affects people’s health and wellness. A large amount of degenerative illness is caused by natural ground radiation and artificial electromagnetic fields.

Getting to know the source of environment pollution and understanding how to protect yourself is fundamental to prevent these disorders. A valid source to better understand this problem is the documentary “What is happening to our Earth”.

Several scientific papers

Today there are several scientific papers that confirm the influence of ground natural radiation and artificial electromagnetic fields on human health. Please find here under a few examples. We differentiate the ones about medium to high frequency electromagnetic fields from the low frequency ones (mains current); and last there are some papers on dangerous effects of ionizing radiation, including low doses of ground natural radiation on human health:

Onde radio e onde estreme (5G)

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Campi elettromagnetici in bassa frequenza

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Radiazioni ionizzanti naturali

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New 5G Network Systems

Regarding electromagnetic fields issued by the new 5G devices. Some city mayors have been opposing the installation of the 5G network systems in their areas. The 5G companies have obtained a favorable TAR decision to acquire compensation from the cities delaying the work.

Dr. Limardo had already warned these city Mayors of such risks during his theatre talk show, advising to protect themselves at the source before the new 5G systems were set up. But they did not listen to him!

It is now too late to adopt any preventive policy, you cannot insert the nano processor Skudo® in systems that have already been set up, because it needed to be done during the production phase of the microcells and with the manufacturers’ approval.

Natural Ground Radiation

Natural Radiation: what is it? Is it really that bad for our health? (To find out more visit this page)

Ground natural radiation can be a source of danger, still very much unknown as the triggering cause of degenerative disorders.

The natural ground radioactivity has always existed. Civilizations such as the Romans and the Greeks used to let flocks of sheep graze on a specific ground before building on it.

They would then kill a few sheep to assess the integrity of the liver: if there were yellow spots, it would signify the presence of radiation generated from underground running water, which would also amplify the conductivity of the soil. If that was the case, they would decide not to build on such terrain.

Today, thanks to technology, we can easily identify ground radiation such as polarized gamma rays.

Are these types of radiation safe for our health?

The IARC considers all the polarized ground radiation together with the other ionizing radiation as “Class 1 cause of cancer”, find the related document here (click here). In the last few years these types of radiation have exponentially increased in number.

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Gamma Radiation Spectrometry

What physical damage can be caused by radiation?

Reactions can be different according to the body parts and the time of exposure. The IARC, as already stated in the above document, classifies all gamma radiation as Class1 Cause of Cancer.

Referential excerpts on gamma radiation within the body (for more information visit this page)

Immediate effects

Long term effects

It has been by many scientific papers (some already mentioned): even low doses of natural radiation can cause damage that can be passed on genetically! To find out more, visit this page

As you have read, there are multiple consequences to the exposure of the body to radiation and when they hit a sensitive area, they can then lead to severe conditions such as cancer.
In an interview, the famous oncologist Dr. Umberto Veronesi stated: “Eating healthy and leading a healthy life-style are not enough, you need to protect yourself from radiation!»

Can ants feel the effects of natural radiation? Is there a link with earthquakes? To find out more, visit this page

A plant is not blossoming as it should? A bunch of grapes has underdeveloped fruit? A wine bottle tastes off? Coffee has lost its original aroma? It could be due to natural radiation! To find out more, visit this page

Warning! The interference of natural radioactivity could alter the diagnosis of postromantic equipment. To find out more, visit this page

Artificial electromagnetic fields

There are two categories:
low frequencies: emitted from general electric systems within our houses (appliances, electronic devices, lamps, electric cables)
medium and high frequencies: all remote transmission emissions (including cell phones).

We live completely immersed in artificial electromagnetic fields

What are the biological effects caused by electromagnetic fields?

The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) classifies both the electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones (medium and high frequency) and the ones from the house electric system (low frequency, 50Hz) as possible causes for cancer (Class 2B). Please find the link that refers to the medium-high frequencies document here

Some of the damage due to the exposure to low and medium frequency electromagnetic fields

International research by many show scientists a direct link between electromagnetic fields and severe degenerative disorders.

Cell phone danger and electric dispersion

Edil Natura and our focus on solutions

Edil Natura Srl have its Headquarters in Novara, via Carlo Doppieri 13. We have been operating since 2001, mainly in the environment field. Specifically in protection from artificial electromagnetic fields and natural ground radiation. From the initial research within the environment, we have moved towards specializing in the production of items for personal protection.

This is how the following products were developed



To find out how they work and the beneficial effects


Bed area and work

To find out how they work and the beneficial effects

Nano processor SKUDO®

Cell phones

To find out how they work and the beneficial effects


Micro body areas

To find out how they work and the beneficial effects

Recently the company has developed some variations of the above basic products implementing the same technology:


Car-office pillows

To find out how they work and the beneficial effects


Food and medicine

To find out how they work and the beneficial effects


Water and Pill Bottles

To find out how they work and the beneficial effects

Water jet breaker SKUDO® H2O

Water protection

To find out how they work and the beneficial effects


Body Micro-areas

To find out how they work and the beneficial effects

Cream Skudo®

Body Micro-areas

To find out how they work and the beneficial effects

Kit 5G

Total protection

To find out how they work and the beneficial effects


Water protection

To find out how they work and the beneficial effects


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