Geoprotex Bioedil for Interiors

Geoprotex® Bioedil: three layers of protection combined in one product!

Thanks to Geoprotex® Bioedil, we shall no longer fear radon,

natural ionizing radiation including gamma radiation), nor artificial electromagnetic fields

Geoprotex® Bioedil: three layers of protection combined in one product!

It protects the building from dangerous underground radioactive emissions and from artificial electromagnetic fields! Three layers of protection combined in one product: radon, natural ionizing radiation (including gamma radiation), artificial electromagnetic fields are no longer a threat thanks to Geoprotex® Bioedil.

No other product available on the market is able to offer a similar result!
The product has been manufactured to solve artificial electromagnetic pollution and natural underground radioactivity issues.

What do I miss out on if I don’t use Geoprotex®-Bioedil?

Advantages to take into consideration

The product screened with Geoprotex® Bioedil protects the users from natural ionizing underground radiation which are considered “definitely carcinogenic” by everyone including the WHO, World Health Organization.

This means that the risk of being affected by degenerative disorders is notably reduced, if this product was to be employed within the environments where we spend most of our life (house, office, long staying areas).

Total Protection

Geoprotex® Bioedil: «Loving yourself and loving the people close to you, using a REAL protection that highly reduces the risk to get seriously ill because of natural radioactivity linked to artificial magnetic fields that are now present everywhere! ».


Green building principles

The houses, protected from natural radiation and from artificial electromagnetic fields, that are built according to the principles of green building become more convenient because “preserving health and wellness” has priority for those who live there.

People involved with green building, not only at a residential level, carry out further prevention for their own health and that of their employees; moreover nonresidential green building costs can be entirely tax deductable, according to the law 81/2008 (and following modifications).

Geoprotex® Bioedil Plus Uses

Why is it useful to consider Bioedil while building houses

Before building or renovating, it is important to consider the three fundamental principles of a “green house”: healthiness, wellness and environment, in this order of importance: the Geoprotex® Bioedil works to protect your health from the dangerous underground emissions of radioactivity and from the artificial electromagnetic fields.

It is logical, for us, operating exclusively from an environmental point of view (for instance installing a photo voltaic system or just reducing the water waste) if firstly you haven’t reduced the risk of an unhealthy environment by protecting the users from severe long term health issues, as specified by the WHO and the IARC (International Agency for Cancer Research), when they clearly state that underground polarized ionizing radiation is «definitely carcinogenic» for the humans!

For more information and characteristics of the product, download the technical data sheet and the presentation

Certifications and Attestations

  1. Certificato di Brevetto Europeo n° 207361 EP- “Trattamento di oggetti” del 6/04/2016 – clicca qui per vedere stralcio
  2. *Rapporto di Prova del Dipartimento di Ingegneria Nucleare del Politecnico di Milano del 6/12/2007
  3. *12 DICEMBRE 2003 Istituto Universitario di Fisica Generale Applicata – Prof. Ugo Facchini
  4. Certificato POLAB in merito ai campi elettromagnetici del 16/05/2003 – clicca qui per vedere

*Nota: Visione non autorizzata ad uso pubblico


Does Geoprotex® Bioedil hold the CE stamp? Are the costs tax deductible for self-employed people and companies? The product doesn’t hold the CE stamp because, according to the EU directive, this stamp is applied on toys, medical devices and self protection devices, some building materials and all the devices that give out electromagnetic fields.

Geoprotex Bioedil is not a medical device, it is not a toy, it doesn’t emit an electromagnetic field and it is not an individual safety device, but it is still tax deductible (see law 81/2008 and following adjustments) because it is able to drastically reduce the risk for the workmen exposed to long term natural underground radiation and artificial electromagnetic fields.

A company can buy 100% tax deductible Geoprotex Bioedil according to the law 81/2008, because the invoice clearly states «Reduction of the physical risk at the source (law 81/2008 art. 182 part 1)».

Good evening, I live on the second floor of an apartment building. Together with my architect I am assessing the renovation of my apartment and I would like to find out how to employ Geoprotex® Bioedil inside my apartment.
Roberta from Modena
We would like to thank you for getting in touch with us. Geoprotex® Bioedil is a membrane that works at its best when inserted between the lightweight screed and the under floor screed. The product needs to be installed above the screed where the electric system is laid and under the under-floor heating system (when present).

Thanks to this layering system, Geoprotex® Bioedil, protects from the underground natural radiation and screens from electromagnetic fields emitted from the electric system while preventing the lower dissipation of heating enhancing the performance of the underfloor heating system.

What is the difference between the “BASE” product and the “PLUS” product? The “base” product is made up of copper and a carbon fiber silver layer to protect from underground natural radiation including gamma radiation, and from artificial electromagnetic fields.

It can be sold as it is or adding the antiradon layer, to be placed under the silver roll. The “base” product can be sold with or without the antiradon barrier, this needs to be specified when ordering. The “plus” product differs from the “base” one because two antiradon barriers envelop the silver roll, so the protection from the radon gas goes from 90% to about 99%, as stated and certified by Prof. Ugo Facchini from the University of Milan, faculty of Physics.

What are the specifics of layering the Geoprotex® Bioedil “base” model without the antiradon layer? It is very simple: you can cut the roll to measure with work scissor, then the parts need to be assembled with a 4cm overlay and kept together with tape.

It is advisable to put the silver layer side up and the copper and carbon fiber side down so that if there is any damage to the silver layer during the layering process it can be fixed with the same material.

The under screed must be dry and clean and present no imperfections that could damage the antiradiation tissue. It is advisable to clean the surface from sand residuals as well. The silver part of the product has a high resistance to compression but not to lateral fiction, so one needs to pay great attention while layering it wearing smooth base shoes (tennis shoes or just double socks).

After layering the product, it is advisable to cover it up with a PVC layer to protect the silver part while waiting for the lightweight concrete underfloor layer and the underfloor heating system.

What are the specifics of layering the Geoprotex Bioedil “base” model employed with the antiradon barrier? Firstly, you need to lay the antiradon barrier with a 4cm overlay, the barrier can be cut to measure using work scissor, then the parts need to have an overlap of 4cm and taped together with the special aluminized tape (supplied with the product). Then you need to add the silver layer, just like indicated here above.

The antiradon membrane needs to be held together with the aluminized tape (supplied together with the antiradon barrier) along the sides, to protect from radon gas emissions between the walls and the floor.

What are the specifics of layering the Geoprotex® Bioedil “plus” model? As for this model, the procedure is the same as for the “base” model with the antiradon barrier. After applying the silver layer, there is another antiradon barrier layer which has a double function: extra protection from the radon escaping upward and actual protection of the silver membrane sandwiched between the anti radon barriers.

The upper part of the antiradon barrier needs to be taped along the sides to further protect the under silver layer using the same aluminized tape used for the lower part.

Are there any alternative products on the market scientifically verified with the same performances as Geoprotex® Bioedil? No! So far, we haven’t come across any scientifically tested products with similar characteristics to ours, that can screen simultaneously from artificial electromagnetic fields, from radon gas natural radiation and underground gamma ionizing radiation.

This is the reason why public administration can request our product without setting up a proper tender procedure.

Since the product protects from underground natural radiation as well as from artificial magnetic fields, does this product screen from the Earth magnetic field? Absolutely not. It is well known that the Earth magnetic field is very important for all living creatures, therefore it should never be blocked.

How long is Geoprotex® Bioedil guaranteed for? The warranty lasts at least twenty years (from the buying date) but, specifically for the protection from radon gas and electromagnetic fields it lasts way longer than the actual warranty.

Once Geoprotex® Bioedil is layered to protect the building, does it protect people from external electromagnetic fields? Yes, as long as they are of medium to high frequency (such as the latest cell phone arials), the product creates a protective bubble around the organisms that together with the effects of gamma polarized underground radiation is no longer harmful (please check out the technical specifics of tridimensional protection explained in the book «Quantum Technology» by Nicola Limardo – Anima Editions). As for low frequency (network current) you need to screen the actual source to create a proper barrier against electromagnetic emissions.



A chi possiamo rivolgerci per avere maggiori informazioni sul prodotto e inviare una eventuale richiesta di preventivo? Direttamente alla sede centrale di produzione inviando una lettera elettronica a e lasciando un proprio recapito per essere ricontattati da un nostro consulente esperto in ambito edilizio. La gestione commerciale di questo prodotto è esclusivamente di competenza della sede centrale di Novara e non è affidata alla rete di vendita a domicilio.

Il prezzo del prodotto è riferito al metro quadrato? Certamente e dipende dalla quantità di materiale richiesto e dalla tipologia: modello “base” senza antiradon, modello “base” con antiradon, modello “plus”.

Qual è il quantitativo minimo di acquisto? È necessario ordinare una fornitura di almeno 50 metri quadrati per qualsiasi tipologia di schermatura.

Qual è la modalità di pagamento del prodotto? Il pagamento è da effettuare contestualmente all’ordine di acquisto tramite bonifico bancario. È consigliabile inviare sempre alla sede di produzione tramite posta elettronica una copia del pagamento effettuato per poter velocizzare i tempi di preparazione del prodotto.

Quali sono i tempi medi di preparazione del prodotto? Dipende dal quantitativo richiesto: per forniture modeste (fino a 200 metri quadrati circa) sono necessari circa otto giorni lavorativi; per forniture medie (oltre i 200 metri quadrati e fino a 500 metri quadrati) sono necessari circa quindici giorni lavorativi; per forniture superiori i tempi specifici di preparazione verranno indicati a preventivo.

Qual è la modalità di consegna del prodotto? Il prodotto è fornito “franco fabbrica”: il cliente viene avvisato tramite posta elettronica che «il prodotto è pronto per il ritiro»; nel messaggio sono indicati anche il peso complessivo e la volumetria del prodotto, in modo che il cliente si organizzi per il ritiro presso lo stabilimento aziendale sito a Novara in via Carlo Doppieri 13.

Quale aliquota IVA viene applicata al prodotto? Dipende dalla destinazione d’uso: di norma si applica il 22% di IVA, se non sono state ricevute dichiarazioni per una eventuale applicazione diversa dell’IVA da parte dell’utente.

Per uso non residenziale il prodotto attualmente può essere dedotto dai costi aziendali al 100% (legge 81/2008 e successive modifiche ed integrazioni – riduzione rischio fisico). Per uso residenziale è il cliente o l’impresa di sua fiducia ad indicarci l’IVA da applicare, fornendo gli allegati necessari: per esempio, attualmente (gennaio 2021) l’IVA per la prima casa è del 4% e per le ristrutturazioni è del 10%. Dato che le norme edilizie sono spesso soggette a modifiche, è bene che il cliente si rivolga preventivamente al proprio consulente fiscale in modo da evitare sorprese.

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