Screening Geoprotex® Pillow for the car seat and the office chair

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sitting on the «Geoprotex® Pillow» you have already reduced the damage of electromagnetic fields related issues?

GEOPROTEX®-PILLOW a special pillow

This product is very useful to protect yourself from the harmful emissions of electromagnetic fields presents underneath the car seat and near your office chair.

It is important to protect yourself because the electromagnetic emissions could cause several health related issues in the long term, such as fatigue, headache, muscular pain and even cancer. This has been confirmed by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), also officially speaking for the World Health Organization.

«Live our dream freely, limiting the harmful effects of artificial electromagnetic fields using the “GEOPROTEX® PILLOW” on your car seat and make the most of its benefits screening yourself while sitting at your office chair».

What do I miss out on if I don’t use the GEOPROTEX®-PILLOW

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Does the «Geoprotex®-Pillow» hold the CE Stamp? Is it tax deductable when bought by a self employed person or a company? The product doesn’t hold the CE Stamp as, according to European Community directives, this stamp only applies to toys, medical devices, self protection devices and some specific building materials or devices that give out electromagnetic fields.

The «Geoprotex®-Pillow» is not a medical device, it is not a toy, it doesn’t give out any electromagnetic field and it is not a self protection device, but it is tax deductable even though it is not included in the self protection devices list (see law 81/2008 and following adjustments), this because it significantly reduces the risk at the source, as the worker has to stay seated for a long time in an area affected by underground natural radiation and artificial electromagnetic emissions.

A company is able to put 100% of the cost of this product against tax based on the 81/2008 law, simply by putting on the invoice “risk reduction at source (law 81/2008 art. 182 comma 1)”.
Are there any other products able to protect from underground ionizing radiation just like the «GEOPROTEX®-PILLOW»? No, there are not! We are not aware of any other products on the market that were scientifically tested like ours, nor able to screen from artificial electromagnetic fields as well as from underground ionizing gamma radiation.

Can the «GEOPROTEX®-PILLOW» be washed? No, it cannot. It is not possible to wash the internal part, made of the screening Geoprotex® insulation material; as for the external part, it is 72% polyester and 28% polyurethane on the outside and 100% polyurethane on the inside and it can only be cleaned with a wet sponge.

Moreover, just like for the quilted Geoprotex bed mat, the internal quilted insulation material cannot be cut as it would lose its properties to screen from underground ionizing radiation and from artificial electromagnetic fields.

How long is the screening guaranteed for with the «GEOPROTEX®-PILLOW»? The screening from ionizing gamma radiation is guaranteed for ten years, while the screening from artificial electromagnetic fields is guaranteed for an extra ten years, a total of twenty years. The external material is guaranteed for the usual two years.

Does the «GEOPROTEX®-PILLOW» protect the user from electromagnetic fields coming sideways or from above once placed on the car seat or the office chair? Yes, it does, as long as they are medium to high frequency fields, the pillow creates a “protective bubble” around the user which makes the electromagnetic emission passing through “coherent” with the body. This happens due to the presence of the underground polarized gamma radiation everywhere that hits the sides of the pillow and then diffracts itself (check out the specific notes on the 3D protective effect in the book “Quantum Technology” by Nicola Limardo – Anima Edition).

Is there a right side up to the product when placed on the chair? No, there isn’t! You can place it either way.

During the warranty time, are there any planned checks of the «Geoprotex®-Pillow» by the manufacturing company if requested by a client? Yes, there are! The client can send the product back to our Headquarters together with a copy of the invoice (mandatory), specifically asking for a technical check of the product. The test will be performed within 8 days from receiving the product and the client will be notified via email once the product is ready to be picked up and the test results. The tests are free of charge, while the postage costs will be taken care by the client choosing their preferred delivery service.

What happens if the internal part (the Geoprotex® quilted insulation fabrique), of the «Geoprotex®-Pillow» is accidentally pierced or cut? A small hole or cut are enough to compromise the protection from ionizing radiation event though the pillow will still be effective for the protection from artificial electromanetic fields.

Are there any other products on the market scientifically tested that are able to offer similar performances to the «Geoprotex®-Pillow»? No, there aren’t any! We are not aware of any other products scientifically tested that could be comparable to ours, with simoultaneous protection from artificial electromagnetc fields and from underground gamma ionizing radiation.

As the product is able to protect from underground natural radiation as well as from artificial electromagnetic fields, can it also block the Earth magnetic field? No, it cannot. It is known that the Earth magnetic field is important for all living things and therefore must not be blocked.

Does the muscular test called “acetylcholine test’” count as scientific proof to assess the effectiveness of the product? No, it doesn’t. Any muscular test, including the “acetylcholine test”, doesn’t count as scientific proof to assess the effectiveness of a product but it can be useful to assess at an amateur level if the product has a positive effect on the body or not. To understand if the product is scientifically effective, the client should proceed as follows:

a) ask for proof of certificates issued by Public and Private Organizations that confirm the protection properties of the product;
b) ask the manufacturer, the distributor and the sale person for the technical leaflet of the product and any other useful information;
c) take enough time to decide whether to buy the product or not after assessing all the characteristics using the website of the manufacturing company.
Another important thing to take into consideration for the effectiveness of a product is the tax deductibility when used in a work environment.

Come è possibile acquistare il prodotto «GEOPROTEX-PILLOW»? Il prodotto è acquistabile esclusivamente attraverso la rete commerciale di Edil Natura (vendita diretta), previa consulenza gratuita, compilando un modulo d’ordine e pagando tramite bonifico bancario o effettuando un versamento tramite bollettino postale.

Dopo aver compilato e firmato l’Ordine di acquisto posso eventualmente decidere di annullarlo? Certo! Il nostro sistema di vendita si fonda su una corretta consulenza fornita da collaboratori incaricati e sulla libera scelta del cliente nel procedere all’acquisto: fino a quando il potenziale cliente non procede con il bonifico o con il versamento postale a favore di Edil Natura srl, per noi non ha acquistato nulla. La nostra azienda non promuove «vendite emozionali», ma esclusivamente vendite basate sulla piena e totale consapevolezza da parte del cliente. Fino ad oggi nessun cliente ha mai voluto annullare un Ordine di acquisto.

È possibile pagare a rate nel caso di cifre importanti? Al momento non è possibile effettuare acquisti a rate dato che in passato era stata offerta la possibilità di ricorrere al «credito al consumo», ma la soluzione è stata poi abbandonata per via degli costi finanziari molto alti sugli importi. In caso di necessità, consigliamo ai potenziali clienti di rivolgersi direttamente al proprio istituto di credito per ottenere un finanziamento specifico alle condizioni migliori possibili.

Quanti giorni occorrono per ricevere i prodotti a casa dopo aver effettuato l’Ordine di acquisto? Cinque giorni lavorativi, salvo imprevisti dovuti alla logistica.

A quanto ammontano le spese di spedizione? Le spese di spedizione ammontano a dieci euro. Per acquisti pari o superiori a duecento euro (IVA inclusa) le spese di spedizione non vengono addebitate.

È possibile ritirare i prodotti direttamente in sede? Si, è possibile previo accordo telefonico o tramite posta elettronica (

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