Natural radiation is part of the radioactivity generated by the cosmos, the solar system and the subsoil.

Natural radiation: what is it? Is it really a health hazard?

Natural radiation is included in the radioactivity generated within the cosmos (cosmic radiation), the solar system (solar radiation) and the ground (telluric radiation). Ground radiation affects man both directly and indirectly.

The radioactivity direct action can manifest it self under gas form, such as radon, or under alfa, beta, gamma radiation forms: this last one is the most important because it can penetrate the human body.

Indeed, to block alfa radiation you need a sheet of paper, to block beta radiation you need aluminum or a big piece of wood, while to block gamma radiation you need lead or innovative radio-protective systems”.

What we know about different types of radiation

Among the building materials we have tuff, granite and concrete. These produce an indirect radioactive action. Natural ionizing radiation are definitely carcinogenic and therefore classified by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer – Lyon, France) as Class I radiation (like benzene, asbestos,…).

It is obvious that the higher the radioactive dose that the person is exposed to, the greater the risk for the same person to develop various diseases, such as degenerative illnesses including cancer.
We are very familiar with some natural radiation: for instance, everyone knows about the sun UV rays (solar radiation), and the gas radon radiation.

Only a few are aware of the “muons”, gamma rays from the sun, and even less people have ever heard about telluric radiation such as the ones generated from radium-226, polonium-210 (decayed from uranium and thorium), strontium-87, caesium-133 and potassium-40 (generated directly from the ground).

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