Meet Dr. Nicola Limardo

Nicola Limardo graduated in Architecture in 1984 with top marks. Later he studied physics and trained as a technician to assess artificial and natural electromagnetic fields. He became the official technician of the court of Novara and several Associations for the protection of the citizens.

From 2015 to 2017, he was the Scientific Director of Environmental Health for the ILMA Association (Italian Lifestyle Medicine Association), organising and promoting High Level Post Graduate Medical Courses which took place at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome (supported by Harvard University, Boston), professor of Preventive and Environmental Medicine specifically related to the problem of natural radiation and artificial electromagnetic fields.

He published several scientific papers and designed innovative products and ideas to be applied to electronic technology and preventive medicine. His inventions have been discussed in two Majoring Dissertation Papers, one at the Medical and Surgery University of Siena, (click here) and the other at TIO University in Amsterdam (click here).

A number of specialized dissertations have also been published assessing Dr. Limardo’s inventions within several Universities such as one in Sport Medicine by Arturo Carducci, at the “Jean Monnet” University in Brussels, or the one by Sabrina Menicucci, at “La Sapienza” University in Roma, or the one by Giorgio D’Alessandro at the UPO University. (click here) Credited Professor of the Health Ministry for refresher course of the medical sector (ECM).

Nicola Limardo is the CEO and Scientific Director of the Company EDIL NATURA Srl. Together with his Research Team he tries to apply Quantum Physics Theory studies to experimental research: this has led to manufacturing new inventions and cutting-edge technological products under the International brands SKUDO® and GEOPROTEX®. Both brands are owned by EDIL NATURA Srl, whose manufacturing and logistic Headquarters are located in Novara (Italy).

Nicola Limardo is the author of scientific papers and creator of several inventions that have opened new paths to combining technology with electronic products, the environment and medicine.

Professor Limardo has been teaching High Level Post Graduate Courses in Health, Science, Oral Hygiene for the Italian Lifestyle Medicine Association until 2019.

Scoperte ed invenzioni di Nicola Limardo

Nicola Limardo’s main publications

Seduto al tavolo direttivo dell’evento, il prof Limardo e’ in compagnia con personalità di rilievo tra i quali il Questore di Novara e l’ex Prefetto di Novara.

CONFERIMENTO PREMIO: “La personalità che ha fatto Centro” – XI Edizione 2019

Articles and pictures with Antonino Zichichi

Presentation of the book “Quantum Technology” at the Cern in Geneva

Rome University “La Sapienza “– 9 Novembre 2018. – Dissertation Supervisor Prof Nicola Limardo

Professor Limardo during his lesson at ILMA High Level Post Graduate course at the Rome University “La Sapienza”– 29 April 2017

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