References about gamma radiation present in the body

From Swiss regulations “radioactivity natural sources”.

«Potassium-40 (K40) is present within the body according to the law of definite proportions. Because of its radioactivity, Potassium-40 constantly gives out gamma signals that can be identified by suitable equipment».

From the INFN – Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) “natural radioactivity”.

«Another main character of natural radioactivity is the Potassium-40, which is present within our body and in general in any biological matter such as food, the Earth Crust and sea water. For instance, within the human body there are about five thousand decays of Potassium-40 per second. Radioactivity is also responsible for Earth’s internal heat».

«Radioactivity Sources» (from Wikipedia)

«Radioactivity present within the environment can be artificial or natural: the main radiation exposure of mankind is coming from natural radiation which is about 80% of the total dose. Of this, about 30% is due to potassium. Potassium-40 is responsible for almost the whole natural radioactivity present within the human body».

From the Washington Post, 29th June 2005

«The results of a long-term research (1990-2005) about the effects of ionizing radiation on the human body have been published. The radiation is very dangerous even in small doses, this has been underestimated until today as we can now say that there is no such a thing as a safe level of radiation; even small doses of radiation can damage the DNA».

National Academy of Science Statement (this company was designated by the US government to collect scientific information)

«Every small dose of radiation could cause cancer in someone at any time during one’s life, this statement goes against what many scientists previously believed which was that small doses of radiation were harmless and sometimes even beneficial. There is not a limit to which small doses of radiation can be tested to be harmless nor beneficial».


«Long-lasting effects can show late and are caused by continuous permanent exposure to small doses of ionizing radiation that adds up in time».

«They include the shortening of life expectancy and a high chance of developing blood cancer (leukemia) and bone cancer (osteosarcoma) as early as two years from exposure.

«Statistically breast cancer, thyroid cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer are frequent and can be developed after a longer time from the actual exposure, over 5 years. There hasn’t been any evidence until today that ionizing radiation can cause chronic lymphocytic, Hodgkin’s lymphoma and cervical cancer. Localized long-lasting skin damage (radiodermatitis) and eye damage (cataract) can also appear».

From Professor G. Galli*’s speech “radiation damages”

«The influential INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION (ICRP) supports the most widespread and official doctrine, inspiring protectionist laws and regulations to be implemented all over the World.

There is no such a thing as a limit for the exposure to radiation: even a single event (for example a photon or a particle that causes a break in both strands that form the DNA helix) can be sufficient to start a malignant tumor or an inheritable genetic alteration».
* Emeritus Director of the Institute of Nuclear Medicine, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome.

Professor Nicola Limardo’ s notes on radiation. Former professor of environment medicine at the Advanced Training Courses - “La Sapienza” University of Rome

«Radon (in its gas form) creates a very dangerous component for the human body, the polonium. We cannot forget that radioactive lead (214Pb) also originates from radon, 214Pb has a half-life of 26.8 minutes and has both ”beta” and “gamma” component which are extremely dangerous for the human body: being a “gamma” radionuclide, it can even penetrate reinforced concrete and its half-life time is more than sufficient to create a health hazard».

«Moreover, the following decay of lead-214 is also both “beta” and “gamma” at the same time; that is bismuth-214 (214Bi), whose half-life is also sufficient to negatively affect the human body (17.9 minutes)».

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