It protects your water bottle from external electromagnetic disturbances

Thanks to the Skudo® Bottle Cover you can transform water

from "simple water" to "coherent water to benefit your life"

Immediate benefits:

+ Cellular Hydration

+ balance

+ stability

«Quench your thirst now! Wherever you are, protect the water you drink every day from alterations caused by electromagnetic fields present in the environment! Raise your body’s Energy Potential

Water, primary source of life!

Water is considered by everybody the “Primary source of life”! Physically protecting water from external polluting agents, such as electromagnetic radio wave emissions, is an important step towards protecting our own Health. Water is the vital principle that underlies life itself and that accompanies us from our mother’s womb until death!

Today, all this is possible thanks to the «SKUDO® BOTTLE COVER»

Not using this product means not wanting to protect the water you drink from the possible physical alterations of its molecular groupings caused by omnipresent radio waves and settling for drinking water that is only good from a chemical and biological point of view.

Even bottled mineral water could have a better energy balance if the bottle was protected by the anti-radiation fabric of the SKUDO® BOTTLE COVER.

Water at a "coherent state" always with you!

What is the «SKUDO® BOTTLE COVER» made of?

The product «Skudo® Bottle Cover» is a special neoprene “sock” specifically designed with handcrafted seams to cover your 500ml plastic or glass water bottle (not metal). The product doesn’t include the glass bottle, pictures are for illustrative purposes only.

It is your choice what kind of water you drink and from what bottle

What do I miss out on if I don’t use the «SKUDO® BOTTLE COVER»?

How do you define this protection system in physics

The protection system «SKUDO® BOTTLE COVER» is activated mechanically (through shaking) and it is defined in experimental physics Coherent quantum electrodynamics of water. The main scientists behind this new theory are the physicists Giuliano Preparata (who died in 2000) and Emilio Del Giudice (who died in 2014).

What does Professor Emilio del Giudice say about his theory?

First of all, we must report what Professor Emilio del Giudice says about “informed” water. Emilio del Giudice was an Internationally recognized physicist, researcher at the INFN Milan (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) and member of the International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss, Germany. He worked for the Cambridge MIT USA and the Niels Bohr Institute of Copenhagen.

He wrote several scientific papers on the quantum field theory and on the condensed matter properties. 

Molecules that interact in a very specific way

Del Giudice’s statement about making water molecular structure “coherent” through protecting it from the damaging effects of the artificial electromagnetic fields.

«Understanding this process will allow us to create a new non polluting chemical industry, with molecules interact among one another in a very specific way without creating random compounds, in an extremely efficient way, low energy use, without creating polluting waste».

Effects on water molecular compounds

«…When does a human being operate at his/her best? When this hierarchy [meaning the set of water macro-molecular compounds] works at its best, so when the energy that I supply at a certain level is then transferred to fuel all the other levels of coherence. »

«If I have the smallest amount of energy, the lower coherence domains gather [this energy], starting to oscillate and will make the upper levels oscillate as well; this minimum stimulation, that lasts for a certain amount of time, will cause a chaotic great amount of energy to vibrate, that would eventually add up and produce a greater amount of coherent energy…»

TO BE NOTED: Quantum Electrodynamics can only be applied if water is excited by an external source

In order to be “activated”, water must be “excited” by an external source, as its molecules are not naturally in an excited state (as verified by many other physicists and chemists including Professor Giancarlo Ruocco from the Physics Department of University “La Sapienza”, Rome).

According to the scientific magazine “Le Scienze” (March 2005), water is more likely to be at its “fundamental state” rather than its “excited state”, without an external stimulation.

External induced energy

Without an external energy impulse, we cannot have a “coherent” water oscillation with a consequent “ordered” set of molecules but a rather “chaotic” mix no matter if the water is hit by a radio wave or not.

Obviously, a radio wave created by a network system, such as WI-FI, will amplify the water “chaos” causing major alterations within the radiated water molecular compounds.

A quantum cascade

The Quantum Electrodynamics coherent water theory, – as revealed by the physicists Preparata and Del Giudice, published in 1988 on the scientific magazine “Physical Review Letters” under the title «Water as a free electric dipole laser», – works if it starts with an external “ordered stimulation” which then causes a “quantum cascade”, water coherent oscillation.

Skudo® H2O Jet Breaker

In the Skudo® H2O Jet Breaker, two SKUDO® nanoprocessors are enough, as the external impulse (energy given by the water pressure inside the tap where the jet breaker is located) is such that it doesn’t require another activating source.

Main function of the product

Always shake your bottle, before drinking!

The simple gesture of picking up the bottle and pouring the water is considered a shake, but as it is a very light shake, we cannot guarantee that the water will reach its “coherent state”, nor would the water maintain the “coherent state” for ten minutes.

It is good to remember to always shake the bottle, even if it is full of water, to create enough energy to activate the three Skudo® nanoprocessors, an action that must be done to bring water to its coherent state.

The Skudo® nanoprocessors make the electromagnetic emission “coherent”

The Skudo® nanoprocessors, as already verified within the medical field by applying them on a WI-FI aerial, make the emission of the electromagnetic wave compatible with the human body (the test results were published on an international scientific magazine, click here to view the scientific paper from 2018).

The Skudo® nanoprocessors make the electromagnetic emission, “coherent”. As for the protection of water from external electromagnetic sources, the water receives the impulse from the three Skudo® nanoprocessors activated by shaking the bottle (which is different from an electromagnetic field induced by a cell phone battery or electricity feeding a WI-FI system).

Three Skudo® nanoprocessors

There are three Skudo® nanoprocessors inside the «SKUDO® BOTTLE COVER» because the external Energy that activated the nanoprocessors is weak (shaking of the bottle), while the «Skudo® H2O Jet Breaker» has only two nanoprocessors as the external energy is stronger (water pressure of at least 0.5psi). (Click here to access the link).

Application scheme of coherent quantum Electrodynamics in water

The water molecules interact with the applied electromagnetic field

A new energetic state is created, different from the one without electromagnetic field

Water molecules configuration within a limited space defined as «Coherence Domain»

Excitement of the molecules according to the frequency of the enclosed electromagnetic field (the wave length of the field depends on the energy applied)

Why did we create the «SKUDO® BOTTLE COVER»?

To fulfill the need for a product that would protect water applying the Quantum Electrodynamics principles to maintain the “coherent” water state.

To fulfill the need to have as much “coherent” water as you like anywhere at any time of the day.

The product «Skudo® Bottle Cover» comes from the necessity to apply a protection to different areas from the ones protected until now: not only a direct protection of the human body but also a protection for the water that we drink, we use for cooking and we wash with.

In 2019, we had already launched a product that had to do with the protection of the water, the «Skudo® H2O Jet Breaker», but we soon realized that it wasn’t enough because it couldn’t be used outside the house.

«Coherent domain» water directly from your house or office tap

Today we have the possibility to install on your house/office tap the Skudo® H2O, instead of your usual tap jet breaker, which provides coherent water at home to wash, drink, cook and water plants. Still make sure to use this water within ten minutes of collection. Click here to check out the product 

We can definitely say that we have a valid solution

The effects of electromagnetic fields on water make water molecules «non-coherent» because the information that they generate reduces the vitality of the vibration level, which then cascades on each single molecule of the glass of water and on the person that drinks it. Water is very susceptible to external environment disturbances and other factors. 

As in the environment there are multiple factors that would lead water to a non-coherent state, the solution is to make water coherent by protecting it from the most common environment disturbances: omnipresent electromagnetic fields!


After shaking the water bottle inside the SKUDO BOTTLE COVER, how long does the water maintain its coherent state for? It maintains it for ten minutes, after this time you must shake it again. 

Is it possible to use the SKUDO BOTTLE COVER on different plastic containers? It sure is, as long as the container fits inside the neoprene sock which was designed to accommodate 500ml bottles.

Is it possible to fill the water with liquids other than water? Yes, it is. The product works with other liquids but not quite as well, especially if they contain alcohol and/or sugar. The best effect is on still water, slightly less on sparkling water and diminishes with other liquids. If you use water as a base, then add a small percentage of other substances such as lemon juice, the effect is good but not exceptional like on pure water.

Does the water produced with the «SKUDO® BOTTLE COVER» have the same energy vibration characteristics as the ones of Masaru Emoto’ s experiments or with 432HZ music? No, it doesn’t. The Skudo® nanoprocessors eliminate the external electromagnetic Energy modifying the water molecules from “chaotic” to “coherent”. The sounds (as demonstrated by Masaru Emoto) can influence water molecular compounds for a very short time (a few seconds), this was also scientifically demonstrated in Quantum Electrodynamics.

If the water, inside the «Skudo® Bottle Cover» is “informed” with homeopathic treatments, does it maintain its “coherence domain” and is it just enriched through such treatments? Homeopathy is not part of our studies and we are not aware of it being scientifically proven, we can only guarantee on the water being “coherent”. 

What is the difference between water treated through the «SKUDO® BOTTLE COVER» and water treated on the GEOPROTEX® GUM® mat? They are two very different systems that can be used simultaneously. «SKUDO® BOTTLE COVER» treats the electromagnetic side, «GEOPROTEX® GUM®» decontaminates from ionizing radiation: it is possible to pour water from the «SKUDO® BOTTLE COVER» in a glass placed on a GEOPROTEX® GUM® mat in order to amplify the water characteristics from the biophysical level and vibration level.

Does the glass bottle play an active role together with the product? No, it doesn’t. The active part of the product is the fabric that can cover any 500ml bottle. The pictures on the website and/or on the leaflet show a bottle for demonstration purposes. 

Are there any other products scientifically tested with similar performances to the «SKUDO® BOTTLE COVER» on the market? No, there aren’t any! We are not aware of any other products currently available on the market that is similar to ours, nor scientifically verified.

I have heard that the product works at its best when the water temperature is between 6 and 40 degrees. What happens outside this temperature range? The protective and coherence effects reduce a little until they completely cease when the temperature reaches one hundred degrees (boiling point) or zero degrees (freezing point). When we use water that is extremely hot or cold, the product still works but its efficiency decreases.

What is the difference between the water treated through SKUDO BOTTLE COVER and the water treated on the GEOPROTEX GUM mat? They are two different systems that can be used simultaneously. SKUDO BOTTLE COVER treats the electromagnetic part, GEOPROTEX GUM mat decontaminates from ionizing radiation: it is possible to pour water from the SKUDO BOTTLE COVER into a glass and placing it on the GEOPROTEX GUM mat in order to amplify the enhanced characteristics of the water from a biological point of view as well as from a vibration point of view. 

How long is the efficiency of the product guaranteed for? Its efficiency is guaranteed for two years (from the buying date). Nevertheless, the product may last beyond said warranty: in order to verify this, you need to approach one of our company consultants that would perform the practical checks once the warranty has expired.

Does the product still work if the seams are uneven? Yes, it does. The product during the manufacturing phase has handcrafted seams, it is then treated at a subatomic level to give it its properties. Check out the sample picture.

Why is the «Skudo® Bottle Cover» pierced at the base? The hole is necessary to allow air flow when putting the product on and off the bottle.


Can you wash the «Skudo® Bottle Cover» neoprene sock? Yes, you can! It can be washed with lukewarm water, max temperature 30 degrees, without any aggressive products.

Does the «Skudo® Bottle Cover» include the bottle in the picture? No, it doesn’t. The product is sold without a bottle. The pictures on the website are for illustrative purposes only. 

Come è possibile acquistare il prodotto «SKUDO® BOTTLE COVER»? Il prodotto è acquistabile esclusivamente attraverso la rete commerciale di Edil Natura (vendita diretta), previa consulenza gratuita, compilando un modulo d’ordine e pagando tramite bonifico bancario o effettuando un versamento tramite bollettino postale.

Dopo aver compilato e firmato l’Ordine di acquisto posso eventualmente decidere di annullarlo? Certo! Il nostro sistema di vendita si fonda su una corretta consulenza fornita da collaboratori incaricati e sulla libera scelta del cliente nel procedere all’acquisto: fino a quando il potenziale cliente non procede con il bonifico o con il versamento postale a favore di Edil Natura srl, per noi non ha acquistato nulla. La nostra azienda non promuove «vendite emozionali», ma esclusivamente vendite basate sulla piena e totale consapevolezza da parte del cliente. Fino ad oggi nessun cliente ha mai voluto annullare un Ordine di acquisto.

È possibile pagare a rate nel caso di cifre importanti? Al momento non è possibile effettuare acquisti a rate dato che in passato era stata offerta la possibilità di ricorrere al «credito al consumo», ma la soluzione è stata poi abbandonata per via degli costi finanziari molto alti sugli importi. In caso di necessità, consigliamo ai potenziali clienti di rivolgersi direttamente al proprio istituto di credito per ottenere un finanziamento specifico alle condizioni migliori possibili.

Quanti giorni occorrono per ricevere i prodotti a casa dopo aver effettuato l’Ordine di acquisto? Cinque giorni lavorativi, salvo imprevisti dovuti alla logistica.

A quanto ammontano le spese di spedizione? Le spese di spedizione ammontano a dieci euro. Per acquisti pari o superiori a duecento euro (IVA inclusa) le spese di spedizione non vengono addebitate.

È possibile ritirare i prodotti direttamente in sede? Si, è possibile previo accordo telefonico o tramite posta elettronica (


Certificates and Claims

As for the three nanoprocessors present internally in the product, see the specific certifications / attestations on the Skudo nanoprocessor – click here 

As regards the manufacturing cycle of the fabric that protects the bottle from artificial electromagnetic fields, see the certifications / certifications of the Geoprotex Case product considering that the processing cycle is very similar. – click here


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