SKUDO® H2O Jet Breaker

The «Skudo® H2O Jet Breaker» will transform water

from "simple water" to "coherent water to benefit your life"

Immediate benefits: + Cellular Hydration

+ balance + stability

Water, the primary source of life

Water is considered by everybody the “Primary source of life”! Physically protecting water from external polluting agents, such as electromagnetic radio wave emissions, is an important step towards protecting our own Health. What does it mean to not have the «SKUDO® H2O JT BREAKER» in your own house?

Today, all this is possible thanks to the «SKUDO® H2O JET BREAKER»

Not using this product means not wanting to protect the water you drink from the possible physical alterations of its molecular groupings caused by omnipresent radio waves! Our body is made up mainly of water, so it is better if the water has the correct vitality. Beneficial effects observed on plants confirm this theory!

What does it mean to not have the «SKUDO® H2O JT BREAKER» in your own house?

The Skudo H2O Jet Breaker is made of chrome plated brass and comes with a male/female adaptor. Looking at the picture, you can see the threaded joint on the left. In the centre, there is the end part of the Jet Breaker where the two Skudo® nano processors are housed. On the right there is a 22/24 reduction ring, to be used should the base connection of the threaded joint not be compatible with the tap thread.

Water at “coherent state” with your cells

Water is the most precious element after the air you breath: water nourishes, hydrates and purifies the body cells. It helps your cells to be better and make the cellular processes more efficient, don’t settle for drinking water that is only good from a biological point of view:  now you can obtain water at a “coherent state” with your body cells, even if it was influenced by electromagnetic fields that would have upset its molecular structure! 

Always have water at a "coherent state" with you!

Moreover, as from today you can have what no other water can supply! 

The “coherent” water energy can follow you everywhere you go, you can decide what kind of water you want to drink simply by using the product «Skudo® Bottle Cover»! For more information about this other product, please click here.

What do I miss out on if I don’t use the Skudo® H2O JET BREAKER» in my house?

How do you define this protection system in physics?

The protection system «SKUDO® H2O JET BREAKER» is activated mechanically (water pressure within the plumbing pipes) and it is defined in experimental physics as ‘The coherent quantum electrodynamics of water’. The main scientists behind this new theory are the physicists Giuliano Preparata (who died in 2000) and Emilio Del Giudice (who died in 2014).

What does Professor Emilio del Giudice say about his theory?

First of all, we must report what Professor Emilio del Giudice says about “informed” water. Emilio del Giudice was an Internationally recognized physicist, researcher at the INFN Milan (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) and member of the International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss, Germany. He worked for the Cambridge MIT in the USA and the Niels Bohr Institute of Copenhagen. He wrote several scientific papers on the quantum field theory and on the condensed matter properties. 

Molecules that interact in a very specific way

Del Giudice’s statement about making water molecular structure “coherent” through protecting it from the damaging effects of the artificial electromagnetic fields.

«Understanding this process will allow us to create a new eco-friendly chemical industry, with molecules that interact among one another in a very specific way without creating random compounds, in an extremely efficient way, low energy use, with no polluting waste».

Effects on water molecular compounds

Video interview with Professor Emilio del Giudice:

«…When does a person operate at his/her best? When this hierarchy [meaning the set of water macro-molecular compounds] works at its best, so when the energy that I supply at a certain level is then transferred to fuel all the other levels of coherence. »

«If I have the smallest amount of energy, the lower coherence domains gather [this energy], start to oscillate and will make the upper levels oscillate as well; this minimum stimulation, that lasts for a certain amount of time, will cause a chaotic great amount of energy to vibrate, that would eventually add up and produce a greater amount of coherent energy…»

TO BE NOTED: Quantum Electrodynamics can only be applied if water is excited by an external source

In order to be “activated”, water must be “excited” by an external source. Water is more likely to be at its “fundamental state” rather than its “excited state”, without an external stimulation. This is because the molecules are not naturally in an excited state (as verified by many other physicists and chemists including Professor Giancarlo Ruocco from the Physics Department of University “La Sapienza”, Rome). According to the scientific magazine “Le Scienze” (March 2005). 

External induced energy

Without an external energy impulse, we cannot have a “coherent” water oscillation with a consequent “ordered” set of molecules but a rather a “chaotic” mix whether the water is hit by a radio wave or not. Obviously, a radio wave created by a network system, such as WI-FI, will amplify the water “chaos” causing major alterations within the radiated water molecular compounds.

A quantum cascade

The Quantum Electrodynamics coherent water theory, works if it starts with an external “ordered stimulation” which then causes a “quantum cascade”, water coherent oscillation. This was revealed by the physicists Preparata and Del Giudice, published in 1988 on the scientific magazine “Physical Review Letters” under the title «Water as a free electric dipole laser».

Two SKUDO® nano processors as «wave thrusters»

This explains the importance of the two SKUDO® nano processors inside the tap jet breaker where the water comes from. The nano processors make the electromagnetic emission “coherent” and, more specifically, protect the water from external electromagnetic emissions. This has already been tested medically when applied to WI-FI aerial that passed on radiation directly to the human body (test published on a international scientific magazine, click here to check out the scientific paper, 2018).

The water kinetic energy activates the two «SKUDO® H2O JETBREAKER» nano processors

The water that runs through your house undergoes a “coherence” process thanks to the two Skudo® nano processors that are activated by the energy changing its status from “potential” to “kinetic” by opening the tap and developing a pressure of half atmosphere. The two nano processors are not activated by an induced electromagnetic field (like for instance a cell phone battery or the electricity that powers the WI-FI). 

And if there were three nano processors?

If there were three Skudo® nano processors instead of two, we would need even less kinetic energy and less water pressure: a simple shake would be sufficient to activate them, this is what happens for the product “Skudo® Bottle Cover” (click here to check it out).

Application scheme of coherent quantum Electrodynamics in water

The water molecules interact with the applied electromagnetic field

A new energetic state is created, different from the one without an electromagnetic field

Water molecules configuration within a limited space defined as «Coherence Domain»

Excitement of the molecules according to the frequency of the enclosed electromagnetic field (the wave length of the field depends on the energy applied)

Why did we create the «SKUDO® H2O JET BREAKER»?

To fulfill the need for a product that would protect water applying the Quantum Electrodynamics principles to maintain the “coherent” water state.

The «Skudo® H2O Jet Breaker» fulfills the need to protect different areas from the ones treated so far: not only a direct protection for ourselves but also protecting the water we drink, cook or wash with. 

Using two nano processors inside the jet breaker allows it to be activated by a much less intense external impulse compared to the one created by the electromagnetic field of a cell phone battery or of another electronic device.

The effects of protecting water from “chaotic” electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic fields make water molecules “incoherent” because the induced information reduces their vibrational vitality, which then cascades from the single molecule to the glass of water and to the person that drinks it. Water is very sensitive to external environment disturbances (and other agents).

As in any environment, there are many agents that tend to give water a “non-coherent” state, the solution is trying to protect the water from the most common agents in the environment, such as omnipresent electromagnetic fields, so the water can keep its “coherent” state. 

Ten minutes of water at “coherence domain”

The water “protected” by the «Skudo® H2O Jet Breaker» maintains its molecular compounds at a “coherent state” for about ten minutes after it has come out of the tap. The “coherent” compounds create a high “vibrational” effect that energises the water because the “quantum cascade” effect influences the user (people, animals, plants).


How long is the efficiency of the product guaranteed for? Its efficiency is guaranteed for two years (from the buying date). Nevertheless, the product may last beyond said warranty: in order to verify this, you need to approach one of our company consultants that would perform the practical checks once the warranty has expired.

Is the active component of the product placed in a specific place of the product itself? The active part is at the end of it, so you can take off the joint of the jet breaker without affecting the efficiency of the product.

Where are the two nano processors of the «Skudo® H2O Jet Breaker»? The two nano processors are located inside the product but are not directly visible; to be precise, they are together with the jet breaker filter but not in contact with the water, preventing them from long term water damage.

Is it possible to clean or substitute the filter of the jet breaker? Yes, it is possible, but you have to take it apart from the jet breaker in order to clean it with de-scaling products without contaminating the two nano processors.

How long does the water keep its “coherent domain” for, once it comes out of the tap with the «Skudo® H2O jet breaker»? It keeps it for about ten minutes.

Are there any other products on the market that have been scientifically tested and have similar performances to the «SKUDO® H2O JET BREAKER»? No, there aren’t any! We are not aware of any other products currently available on the market that are similar to ours, nor scientifically verified.

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Quanti giorni occorrono per ricevere i prodotti a casa dopo aver effettuato l’Ordine di acquisto? Cinque giorni lavorativi, salvo imprevisti dovuti alla logistica.

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È possibile ritirare i prodotti direttamente in sede? Si, è possibile previo accordo telefonico o tramite posta elettronica (



12 FEBBRAIO  2019   Prof. Angelo De Giglio – Chimico/Fisico Università di Bari “Relazione sulle modifiche subite dall’acqua sotto l’effetto del rompigetto SKUDO®” – Clicca qui per scaricare

Per quanto concerne i nanoprocessori interni presenti nel prodotto vedi le certificazioni/attestazioni specifiche sul nanoprocessore Skudo – clicca qui per vedere

Skudo® H2O Jet Breaker users’ testimonials

Watch this video to appreciate the immediate effects on the body of water at “coherent domain”

Water is the vital principle at the base of life itself, it accompanies us from the mother’s womb to death! 

Today you can have water that provides you immediately with energy. Even after taking just one sip. You just have to apply the Skudo® H2O Jet Breaker to your tap! You don’t believe it? Watch the short video here under.

Some pictures to prove the effects of water “protected” by the SKUDO® H2O JET BREAKER. The water molecular compounds are at a “coherent” state therefore they can influence plants and all living things positively.

To be noted: plant parasites, after using water at a “coherent” state, the bad leaves disappear and the new leaves are strong and healthy. (See the leaves badly damaged by the parasites)

27/05/2021 Testimonianza di Stefano.S | racconta di una sua amica che utilizzando l’acqua in regime di coerenza da 6/7 mesi, sia del rompigetto H2O, che Skudo Bottle Cover, ha notato che gli sono spariti dei piccoli orzaioli nel contorno occhi; clicca qui e vai al 👉  1:02:10​ per ascoltare la testimonianza.

12/02/2021 Testimonianza di Elena.B  | Le mie orchidee sono bellissime e fioriscono per mesi e mesi, anche 6/7/8 mesi, il segreto…stanno sul GUM e le ho sempre bagnate con acqua dal rompigetto Skudo H2O il risultato è sorprendente

30/01/2021 Testimonianza cliente di Ida.D | Doccia con rompigetto Skudo H2O miglioramento della pelle e migliorata la secchezza degli occhi – clicca qui per ascoltare

26.01.2021 Testimonianza di Stefano.S. | [Molare 46 recuperato dopo diagnosi di estrazione] Testimonianza di Stefano.S. inviata il 26.01.2021 | Ciao Luca ti invio endorale di un molare (46) trattato con cura canalare e protesizzato. In data 25/ 9/19 era stata diagnosticata l’estrazione a causa di una duplice infezione periapicale, con riassorbimento dell’osso a livello della forca. Vedi zone nere attorno alla radice. foto

La radiografia endorale di controllo eseguita sul 46 in data 16/12/20 evidenzia la presenza di trabecole ossee in fase di ricostruzione dei tessuti compromessi. Il dott. è rimasto piacevolmente sorpreso e io ancora di più essendo il mio dente.

Si decide di non estrarre il dente e di fare ulteriori controlli. Terapia: stuoia e dietro testiera, crema skudo, acqua decontaminata su gum e rompigetto Skudo h2o; ho applicato sistematicamente la crema ho fatto 2 mesi con i 3 cerotti ogni tanto appoggiavo con lo scotch anche il cerotto blu/rosso sulla guancia destra come indicato dal prof. Limardo, porto 3 card..


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