Underground radiation felt by ants before an earthquake

Can ants feel natural radiation anomalies? Is there a connection with earthquakes?

In the autumn of 2011 a very peculiar event took place in Ragusa: prof. Limardo was in town for a theory-practice course about natural radiation. At night he noticed thousands of ants coming out of the ground following a very tidy route uninterrupted by obstacles such as houses, gates, fencing walls,…

Disposing of the natural radiation meter, the professor found that the trail followed by the ants coincided with a micro-fault in the terrain and the spectrometer indicated an alteration of the location of the gamma radiation coming from the underground (usually the position is fixed while at that particular time it was very unstable).

That same night there was an earthquake

Professor Limardo had already taken into account the eventuality of an earthquake and that the peculiar behavior of the ants was their reaction towards a perceived disturbance source.

That same night there was an earthquake, fortunately it wasn’t of high intensity but it was felt by the people and talked about on local and National news: the pupils of the course who had witnessed the Professor early findings were pleasantly surprised and had first hand confirmation of the importance of monitoring ground radiation change.

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New research pointers

This event can be a great pointer to start new researches. Professor Limardo and his team have decided to explore this topic further with the help of world famous geophysical and electronic engineers to develop suitable instruments with the contributions of Public and Private organizations:

among which, the State of Oregon, has already shown great interest in these studies, funding 50% of this project to develop a nano processor, useful to protect people from DNA damage occurring while using a mobile phone (you can browse the certifications and characteristics of the nano processor clicking on this link  https://geoprotex.it/nanoprocessore-skudo/).

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