Do you know that an environmental issue could be the actual cause?

Ask your doctor if he is aware of natural radiation and if he has taken part into the related refreshing courses organized by the ECM.

Relieving the symptoms is not the solution.

It is ever so frequent to listen to people complaining about strong headaches that don’t seem to go away with pain killers nor with further medical investigation.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of GP’s that are unaware of the problems caused by natural radiation to health, they worry about relieving the symptoms with various type of medicines and medical exams without solving the real problem, which more often than not is the prolonged exposure of the patient to natural radiation.

As it is shown by many medical cases, headache – together with other cronica health issues,- is caused by the pollution of the environment in the work place and inside the houses.

Suggesting the patient to buy a suitable screen to protect the bed

This is the reason why the Health Minister offers refreshing theory-practical course for the medical sector (ECM); these courses allow our doctors to become more knowledgeable around this problem and to perform a quick first assessment on the patients: is the concerned area affected by radiation.

If this is the case, the GP could suggest the patient to buy a suitable screen to protect the bed (the area where we spent most of our time), allowing to eliminate the exposure to radiation.
Most of the time, this solves the problem, especially if the underground radiation is the main cause of the medical issues.

Can the GP verify the presence of radiation within the body?

Even the GP that has never taken these courses could still do something to help his patient: as the natural ionizing radiation and artificial electromagnetic fields are everywhere, it is very likely that one or both these polluting factors would have negatively influenced the patient’s health.

In this case, the GP could directly suggest his patient to screen his bed, using the quilted antiradiation GEOPROTEX® to put between the bed slats and the mattress and behind the head of the bed.
In fact, producing a detailed assessment of the environment to pin point these specific issues is becoming a waste of time and money as they are now everywhere.

More over the costs of this assessment are more that those for the actual solution. Once eliminated the environmental cause, the GP could then proceed with greater safety with the clinical medical therapy.

The link between radiation and illness

Today an ever growing number of doctors, having familiarized themselves with the problem of natural radiation, advise their patients to screen the area of their bed as a prevention.

To better understand the link between radiation and illness, it is advisable to watch the interview with Doc. Mariella Nicoletti from Naple on her own direct experience.

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